Saturday, February 6, 2010

Opp shopping goodness

I love opp shopping (opportunity shops) They are called charity shops in the UK, Jus :) I have been opp shopping since I was a teenager. I miss the days when I was a student and I could spend a whole spare day visiting lots of different opp shops (when I should have been studying!)

We are lucky that our suburb has three, yes 3, opp shops in the local strip of shops. One of them is my particular fave, and just happens to be the biggest one. Last week I had just enough time to pop into one, and one only. So of course it was my favourite one I chose to visit: and it did not disappoint. I got this huge pile of fabric for only $10. There was black, red and white linen, two different blue cord fabric, denim, blue fleece and the top two patterned fabrics. I did not buy it all either, left some there for someone else (I went back a few days later, and got some more coloured cord and a few other odds and ends)

I feel a bit humbled, as I must have bought some ones fabric stash. Why did they take their fabric stash to the opp shop? No time to sew, run out of inspiration? I'll never know, but I can wonder.


  1. Ohhhh nice stash - I'm very jealous!! Do you know what you plan on making yet? Saw a lovely patchwork style bag the other day made out of denim and cord, had a few buttons and other odd and sods sewen on some of the squares.

  2. Great Blog Very creative! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug: