Monday, June 7, 2010

At my house....

Zoe has turned to booze. Actually, it was her first time exploring the fridge, and she loved it (the exploring, not the beer)

I had to take a photo of the nappy change table, as it is not very often I am so stocked up with clean, dry nappies.

I love it when this little face wakes up all smiley. She is such a happy soul.

And boy can she pull some funny faces too :)


  1. Ahhh the fridge. So many great things to look at. I still love looking in my fridge! We have plenty a random thing pulled out of ours by our 'helpful' children. Lots of lovely every day things happening at your house. Thanks for joining in. Lou.

  2. awww, look at those eyes!!!
    wonderful adventures in the fridge to be had for many many years :)
    love your nappy stash, we used cloth aswell, but not very fancy ones.

  3. Lol, oh yeah the fridge is full of all sorts or interesting things! Like my fridge for example, yesterday I found a colouring book on the bottom shelf... I have no idea why Aus put it there, just to surprise me I guess, lol.
    It looks like she's got some good hair going now! :) and those eyes are still so gorgeous! xx