Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last week we had our baby. After a rather quick (6 hours) but intense labour our newest family member arrived. I am pleased to introduce little Zoe Mai to the world. Not that she was that little, weighing 3.72kg (8.2lbs) Considering I am very short and petite, I have no idea where or how she fitted inside me. The midwives had no idea also.

Abbey is loving being the big sister (so far!) and I hope this continues. Zoe is only 4 hours old in the photo above, wearing a hat I made for her, and all wrapped up in lady bugs (of course)

How clever is my lovely friend Paige? She made this divine card for Zoe, and she also made us a mega yummy lasagna that we were eating for much of the week. Paige also made some beautiful bibs, but I forgot to take a photo of these. Thank you so much Paige!
This last photo is Zoe 10 days old. Either smiling at us, or she has wind? Who knows, it is a very cheeky smile, and the beginning of a dimple in her left cheek (like her daddy)
I am itching to get back to sewing, I am in the middle of a few projects, but I am finding it a little hard to find any spare time at the moment :)


  1. I'm so glad you have an adorable card, a good friend, and a gorgeous babe with a beautiful smile. Yes, I can imagine that spare time is hard to find right now. :)

  2. Congratulations to you all! Zoe is absolutely adorable.

  3. What a beautiful girl Zoe Mai is, congratulations! so cuddily in her ladybug wrap. Lovely.

  4. OH MY! A NEW ONE! AND PINK! Congratulations!!!
    Gorgeous name as well.

    Mine were all 9pd+ but that was no surprise as I'm as fat as a fool.

  5. Oh Wow!! Welcome little Zoe! Nice to meet you! (sort of lol) Oh she is just beautiful and that dimple is so cute! Congrats to the new family of 4! How exciting/tiring to have a new baby in the house! :)

  6. Welcome little Zoe Mai :-)

    What a gorgeous name. Its nice to see someone else who loves ladybugs..and thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to coment.

    I'm off to explore yours now.


    P.S. ignore the horrible number taht is going to come up as my user name. i'm having hassles with it :-(

  7. Awwww, beautiful. So pleased to meet her - and you. Ta for the comment of the skillet. Funny thing to put on a blog. You put your newborn. I put my cookware. Strange now I think of it.