Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 weeks ago today.....

I had a baby. I can't believe how fast these 6 weeks have gone. In that time I have only managed one posting. I have lots to talk about, and lots of things to show, even managed 20 minutes of sewing (in the whole 6 weeks!) Otherwise I have been a tad busy with our gorgeous baby, Zoe. Not to mention Abbey keeps me busy too. How do all you other bloggers do it - find the time to fit it all in?

Chris and I have been joking that we now have the A-Z of little girls (as we have Abbey and Zoe)

Lets go back 7 weeks then - I was busy sewing these bibs.

I had some Dora material left over from the pencil case I made. So the Dora bib is for Abbey, but as she is 3.5 years old, it does not get worn very often.

And here is Zoe. Fast asleep.

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  1. Miss Z is adorable. You sound like a very productive mama of a new baby. (The bibs are ever so cute.)