Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is it possible to have too many lady bugs?

I don't think so.


  1. ohhhhh.... beautiful. Look at those fine features! I wish mine stayed that little... he's a bit of a chububa now!

  2. She is turning into a chubber-wubber, don't you worry about that!

  3. No you can definitely never have too many lady bugs I reckon ;) Such a cute pic

    Bel x

  4. I don't think so either! Thanks for sending me the link to your CUTE blog!! Feel a bit shy about sending my handmade attempts to you, such a seasoned seamstress! Thanks though!! Your girls are GORGEOUS.

  5. Thank you Jacqui for your lovely comments.
    I cant wait to get your bag, it is so cute, and perfect for Abbey (and me - it has lady bugs on it!)
    All your bags are divine, I wanted to buy more. Fantastic fabric choices, must be hard to choose when you live in Japan. You are selling things you have made, how good is that! - I hope to be doing the same some day too.