Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family history through a brooch

This is my Granny. She always wears a brooch. And I mean, always. I honesty can't remember any time I have seen her without one. She has so many, I guess I have been taking them for granted (for way too long)

Today, I decided to ask her about the brooch she was wearing. I am so pleased that I did, I still giggle every time I think of this conversation:
Me: Grandma, please tell me about your brooch.
Granny: One of my boyfriends gave it to me. Can't remember which one.
Me: Dissolved in giggles, could hardly hear the rest of her story, had to ask her to repeat it.

The story is that one of her boyfriends gave it to her during the Second World War. There are two boyfriends it could have been from, both of them serving in the Australian Army in New Guinea (in the 1940's) She could remember both of their names, one of them was a chef in the Officers Army. She told me the other one courted her and waited for her for 12 years - but she married my dear Grandpa (who passed away 5 years ago)

The brooch is made out of shell, and is exquisite. The photographs do not do it justice at all. I had to use my little compact camera, not my SLR.

Next time I see Grandma, I will ask her about the brooch she is wearing that day. And I can't wait!


  1. Lol. My Gran did the same thing to me- she told me about a boyfriend from the USA who was in port in Melbourne during the war that she nearly ran off with!! You never know what is hidden in the pasts of old ladies!! He he

  2. Just checking your prize arrived safe and sound?! Hope it got there!

  3. Thanks heaps, it has arrived, I have been sick and away from the computer for a few days, it arrived late last week. They are so beautiful!
    Thank you again.
    So funny about your Gran too, I bet she has more stories too!

  4. How sweet to interview your grandmother. She is adorable and was obviously a heartbreaker in her day :)

  5. What a gorgeous, cute story. I can't wait until you ask again either.