Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get them addicted young!

I recently fell in love. With GJ's Discount Fabric, when I visited it for the first time.

My friend Paige and I spent well over an hour browsing all the different fabrics, it was so hard to choose only a few. To make the visit more exciting for Abbey, I told her she could choose a fabric and I would make her a dress. She chose the pink patterned fabric, and I got the blue one for Zoe.

Look at her in the photo above, cuddling the fabric, she was so excited. She has called it her "rainbow fabric", and I am to make her a "rainbow dress" with it.

Abbey also loves taking photos with my SLR camera, and most of her photos have to have teddy in them - she took this one below, and of course, teddy had to be in it. Too cute, and not bad for a 3 year old.

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