Saturday, December 26, 2009


I was so excited to try out this shirred dress that I did not read the instructions properly. So I ended up with two: one for Zoe (3 months old) and one for teddy (3.5 years old) They are so easy to make, I will be making many more I am sure.

Of course, now Abbey wants one out of the same fabric. The same fabric she declared the day before I made these, that she did not like. Three year olds are so fickle!


  1. That's a pretty good Whoops Cat! Best dressed teddy in town ;)

    P.S. - isn't that Miss Z in the photo?????....

  2. Ha ha, I am full of whoopsies this week! yes, it is Miss Z, and not Miss A, I have updated it now. Thanks for the quality control.