Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ha ha, very funny

I was very excited last week to receive notification in the mail that my favourite fabric shop, GJ's, was having another sale.

Chris was not so excited. I meant I would want to buy more fabric. So he tried to convince me I had missed the sale by altering the notification.

Lucky for me I was not fooled, and managed to pick up a few different fabrics. I got the circuit board fabric for Chris, wonder what I will make for him with it?


  1. Have fun with your new stash! I love the top of the pile, with all the pretty roses. Cathy x

  2. I take it the red fabric is the one you made your skirt out of? Think the retro circles is my favorite.

  3. love the little cars.
    since having a boy I look at cars in a totally different way :)

    thanks also for popping by Cat & for your sweet comment!