Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seeing spots

I borrowed this beautiful book from the library, and made this cute circular pincushion for my spot loving sister in law Stepf.

The fabric is from Japan, and so lovely and soft - thank you to Jacqui from Mee a Bee for sending me some of her fabric scraps when I ordered Abbey a gorgeous custom made kinder bag earlier in the year.

The book is beautiful, but I am glad I did not buy it, as there was a fault with the enclosed pattern, but luckily I sussed it out.

My little brother suggested we make him a MUCH bigger one, so he can use it as a bean bag. Imagine how much fabric I would need for that!


  1. your sister in law is really lucky to be able to stick her pins and needles into this wonderful polka dotted pincushion!!!

  2. Wow that looks so cool! Good choice of colours! I'm so hopeless at making anything from a pattern!

  3. Lovely job Cat! You know, i've never made a pin cushion and i'm always shuffling my pins from one container to the next when sewing, very silly! You've inspired me to stop being silly and finally make one. Love the fabric and i'm sure Stepf will love it.
    Cathy x

  4. That's fantastic!! I love it! Is it really the fabric I sent? I have a hard time seeing it as anything but bags :)

  5. omg i soooo love this pincushion, yesterday i spied a matching apron while at target, and just had to buy. i love my pincushion very muchly what a special birthday prezzie to get.