Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bibs 'n messes

I am doing my best to enjoy Zoe starting solids, but she has her own ideas about it all. She refuses to eat anything off a spoon. She will happily chew on a spoon. Just don't try to feed her from a spoon.

She is more than happy to feed herself. Actually, she loves feeding herself. And the bigger it is, the more she seems to enjoy it. So she is now eating vegemite sandwiches, chunky steamed vegetables, mini sausage rolls and her favourite is to munch on a chicken drumstick or wing. Last week, a chicken drumstick kept her happily amused for over 40 minutes (yay! I got dinner made on time that day)

The down side of this is the mess. Everywhere. So only bibs with long sleeves will do. I only had two bibs like these. So I ordered one off this wonderful website and I surprised myself and made one this weekend, and completely finished it too.

Fits her perfectly. Lovely :)


  1. Loving this bib, will keep the site for Ned in 6 months time!

  2. great job, always nice to surprise yourself!

  3. WELL DONE!!! You did a great job!
    I am totally chuffed that you put a link to my site!
    And Melinda I look forward to making one for Ned!