Monday, October 26, 2009

Cloth nappies and wipes, I love you

I am still talking about what was happening before Zoe was born. So, 8 or 9 weeks ago I was sewing up these lady bug cloth nappy wipes. I was rather excited when I found the lady bug fleece, and had to stop myself from buying dozens of metres of it!

I love my cloth nappy wipes. They are so soft. I use them instead of disposable wipes at nappy change time, with a spray bottle of water (you can also buy already made up, natural solutions, like floral water) Then I just wash them with my cloth nappies. They dry so quickly. They save me money. They are better for the environment. And no chemicals on Zoe's newborn baby bottom too.

This was my nappy change table, all set up at the end of August, and waiting for Zoe to arrive.

It was also before I got some more of my favourite cloth nappies, itti bitti d'lish's. Look at all the different colours. There are even more colours to choose from at itti bitti. For many years I have been a self confessed pink hater. But pink as a colour is starting to grow on me - lucky that, as we now have two little girls.


  1. Wow you are good, I had some cloth nappies when Aus was born. I just couldn't get off my bum to wash them quick enough to use them again! I admire you for having the stamina! lol. The wipes are a good idea, strangely I havent seen them before! I like the idea of no chemicals on little bottoms!

  2. I can be lazy too, so the solution is to have LOTS of cloth nappies! I have become rather obsessed with them, there are so many different cute ones out there, wish I could buy more, but I have more than enough now.

  3. That's a good tip lol.
    I gotta tell you some good news- you won a pair of earrings! Yay! i'll be needing some details from you then I can send your little package on its way! Congrats!!