Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christmas Shopping.

Don't think I am mad, but I have been busy Christmas shopping this month. There are a few reasons for this. Chris's family all live in the UK, so if we want to send pressies sea mail, and save money on the postage, mail has to be sent before September. The other reason is we are expecting our second child in September. I don't fancy having to complete Christmas shopping later in the year with a newborn and Abbey. So, thanks goodness for Internet shopping!

My favourite website at the moment, for original, locally made gifts, is:
I have found some amazing presents on this website. I can't show all my goodies, as most of them are pressies, and some gift receivers will easily know which ones I have chosen for them.

I absolutely love the gorgeous creations by Lou of Buttons by Lou Lou.
The cup cake fridge magnets are a pressie, but I can't say who for. How cute are they?

The lady bug head band is mine (all mine!)

I found some gorgeous pencil cases from Odds & Blobs

Jessica from Odds & Blobs custom made me some gorgeous notepads too, all to be pressies for certain special people.


  1. Hey Cat, I'm glad you are happy with your purchases. It was a nice suprise to see them here. I hope your UK relatives like them too. Nothing wrong with being organised!

  2. OOh. I love Lou Lou's buttons! And your lady bug head band is divine :) I might have to head over to made it and have a look. I've started my Christmas shopping too - it's nice to know I'm in good company :)

  3. I love my notepad and it is already in my handbag with a shopping list inside :) Buttons are beautiful too!