Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What to say for first post, where to start....

I am a tad excited about the Clegs remnant sale, which begins this Friday 5th June 2009.
I must go. I would love some new material, to inspire me to get more creative.
I will have to take Abbey along to the sale, as Nanny G (my wonderful mum, and babysitter) is away on holidays at the moment. Abbey could help me choose some fabric to make her something – she is now getting interested in my sewing projects (especially if I am making something for her!)

On the weekend, I finally made some baby hats. I have had the patterns for a while now, from Funky Friends Factory

I also finished off some cloth nappy wipes that I started months ago. Abbey is toilet trained for wee's, but we are still working on the poo's - I never seem to have enough cloth nappy wipes.


  1. I hope you have fun with your new blog. Looking forward to hearing about your crafting and other bits and pieces. Enjoy!

  2. oooh! The Clegs remnant sale! I'd very much like to go to that, and I happen to be free on Friday, poke me when you're thinking of heading in, who knows...maybe I'll bump into you two there... :)