Sunday, June 14, 2009

Material from Clegs sale last week.

I picked up a few remnants from the Clegs sale last week. I want to make a skirt for me with this black, red and silver bonded lace material. I got two pieces of this material, so could also make Abbey a skirt too, still not sure if it is "too old" for her or not. I will have to have a think about it.

Abbey is obsessed with pink - it is certainly her favourite colour, so I could not resist the pink shantung - not sure what I will make out of it yet. I love denim skirts, so the denim remnant will probably make a lovely skirt for some one. I just like the look of the check material, no inspiration on what to make with this yet. I also got some small pieces of purple and red fleece, I am sure I will make some more baby hats with this material.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to change the broken needle on the overlocker. I am well impressed that Janome overlockers and sewing machines all use the same needles, this makes it much easier. The overlocker is still not 100% - I have threaded the machine twice, and it is still skipping stitches. I will have another try today to get it working properly - I still have Abbey's bedroom curtains to finish. As I have been away from sewing for so many years, it is like I am re-learning everything all over again. All adds to the fun!


  1. I didn't know there was a sale - looks like you did well!

  2. Love that top fabric. I love fabric, and don't always know what I am going to do with it, but an idea always comes. I have an overlocker that I am trying to make friends with - it seems a bit scary. Good to know the needles are easy to change.

  3. Thanks Anna, I was happy with my stash. Looks to be a stocktake sale starting on July 1st too. Sounds interesting.
    Annie: Yes, I try not to let the overlocker scare me too much. I keep telling myself the overlocker is just a machine, I am the boss. I will not be beaten by a machine. Not to mention the instruction manual is rather handy :) Keep making friends with your overlocker, it is so worth it.