Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One little set back.

I was all set to have a few hours of sewing ahead of me on the Queen’s Birthday holiday, but within 5 minutes of sewing, I had (somehow) managed to snap one of the overlocker needles. I dashed out to the local spotlight store, but they had no Janome overlocker needles, because they don’t sell Janome machines. I was very disappointed, as I was in such a mood to sew. I was finally sewing the hems to Abbey’s bedrooms curtains – a project, I am embarrassed to say, I started 18 months ago. I will toddle off later today to the local sewing centre and pick up some new overlocker needles.
I was still in a creative mood, so I found another, older, project to work on. When I was pregnant with Abbey, in early 2006, my mum and I knitted some purple and turquoise squares, to make a baby blanket. All the knitted squares were finished before Abbey was born, but I never managed to sew them together to make the blanket. I guess it did not help that Abbey was born one month early.
I am still a knitting novice, and can only knit in a straight line. I hope to learn to knit better, one day soon, and I am fascinated with crochet too.
Here are some photos of the knitted squares, and the soon to be completed blanket.

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  1. What gorgeous colours! I can't wait to see the finished blanket.