Monday, August 10, 2009

I can't live without......


Every Wednesday Paige and I go to yoga class taken by the amazing Jane.

Last Wednesday I was uncomfortable. At the time I was 34 weeks pregnant and a little over it on that day. For most of this pregnancy I have loved it, it really has been a dream pregnancy. I have had so much energy, and not much to complain about - I am very grateful I have been keeping so well. I also want to enjoy every moment of being pregnant this time, as this will probably be our last baby.

But, back to last Wednesday. I was uncomfortable. I could not catch my breath, I felt so tight in my chest and the baby belly. I was not able to bend down and pick anything up off the floor, I could hardly walk with out waddling. My back was aching. I was cranky. I was tired. I wanted my body back.

I was feeling so awful, I was ready to stay at home and miss yoga. But I made myself go. It is "my time", a very rare time of the week devoted to me. It is also a special time for Chris and Miss Three to spend together.

I am so glad that I went to class. Of course, there are many poses I can't do at the moment, but there is still so much I can do at yoga, many other poses I can do with modifications to accommodate the baby bump.

After class, I felt incredible, the best I had felt all week! I could breath again. I felt energised and so calm and happy. Most of all, I felt like a belt had been let loose from around the baby bump, I was so much more comfortable and at ease.

So, this reaffirmed (again) how I can't live without yoga in my life.

These are a few photos that were taken when I was pregnant with Abbey in 2006, just before she was born, and just before Jane started classes at her beautiful new yoga studio.


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  1. yay for yoga! and yay for feeling better after yoga! I have never once gone to yoga and wished I hadn't afterwards. You are such an inspiration being such an active mummy-to-be. I look forward to our yoga time (and the chats we have in the car on the way there and back) each week. So grounding. xx