Monday, August 17, 2009

I would love one of these.

I have been spending lots of time reading other blogs, and found this amazing creation by Missie Krissie. How clever is she? Check it out, and enter her competition to win one. They really are special, what an amazing way to store and display your jewellery.
I wish I could make stuff like this.


  1. Thanks for entering and good luck! Really liking the happy feel about your blog. You seem to be coping a lot better with your pregnancy than I did with either of mine (the last was born in June). I hate being pregnant but it's worth it for what you get at the end :) Good luck with the next few weeks and the birth!

  2. Thanks for your lovely words about my blog, Kris. I am beaming :)
    Of course being pregnant is not always smooth sailing, but I try not to sweat the little things, and leave my energy for any bigger problems or issues that life throws at me.
    At the end of the day, I am so grateful just to be pregnant as we had trouble conceiving both times as I have PCOS - I am so happy I can make a family with Chris.
    It is a quick and easy birth I am planning to have (are you listening to this baby!) You are so right, will be all worth it in the end - I am so looking forward to meeting our new family member :)