Friday, August 21, 2009

What is going on?

This week, I am craving all these. Some how, Chris is also now craving the fruit fizzers and sours squirms. I have not had many cravings this pregnancy, except for red meat (and lots of it)


  1. Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful state to be in. I craved ice-cubes, munched them all day long with my second child. Have fun and keep your toothbrush busy!

  2. Pregnancy sure is weird and wonderful!
    Ice cube cravings can be a sign of iron of my friends had this (she was not pregnant) She now takes iron tabs, and no longer craves ice cubes. She was a fiend, alway munching on them.
    Yes, been brushing my teeth lots after eating all these fizzy, sugary treats. I have managed to hide most of them, so not eating too much at the moment, but I would love another sherbert cone right now..........